Musicmatch Review


Download Musicmatch Jukebox Plus

CD burner – music burning
Create custom audio CDs or MP3 CDs with up to 150 tracks by using the integrated ‘two-click’ CD burning system
With multi-session CD burning, you can burn a few tracks, then continue burning later on the same CD. Keep working while you’re burning!
Access other programs while creating CDs using multi-task CD burning.
Make compilation CDs using saved playlists or by selecting individual tracks
Know when your music disk is full with the easy-to-read capacity meter
Supports most standard CD-R and CD-RW drives

Download link: MUSICMATCH Plus Price: only 19.99$

Use one burning application from your music and your data. Burn your MP3, WMA and WAV files, as well as pictures, documents, videos and other data files to CD
Don’t worry about how many CDs you need and what files go on which disc. Burn your entire MP3 music collection on CDs and MMJB will decide the optimum grouping across multiple discs
Burn at speeds up to 24X
Drag and drop tracks to be burned from your Library or playlist directly into the Burner Plus window. You can even drag and drop files from your hard drive
Burn using DVD discs. Easily burn more MP3 files to the new higher capacity DVD data discs
Bring the best sound with you. Apply DSP effects (volume leveling, DFX, etc.) to tracks when burning CD
Create the perfect cover for your music. Print custom CD covers and labels with a list of up to 150 song titles, graphic frame borders and a personalized CD title
CD ripper – MP3 encoder
The only free all-in-one jukebox software on the market that lets you rip unlimited CD-quality MP3s
Unlock faster ripping speeds
Convert your CDs into MP3s with an easy one-step recording process
Turn your vinyl records, tapes and internet streams into MP3s
Choose your recording formats: MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA) or WAV files
Version 10 offers the first service for the PC that lets you discover, buy and enjoy individual tracks and entire albums! Effortlessly access high-quality, personalized music and purchase tracks while listening to CDs, MP3s, and Musicmatch Radio. Choose from a broad catalog of music from all 5 major labels and more than 30 independents, then easily burn music files to CD and transfer them to popular portable devices.
mp3 PRO Support – Cleaner, crisper, richer sound – the best digital recording quality available anywhere, at a fraction of the file size! Bet you can’t tell the difference between mp3PRO and your original CDs!
Album Art Tagging – No Album art? No problem! Automatically add album art to your MP3s while recording from CDs.
Burner Plus features – Create CDs with easy one-step burning. Drag and drop or right-click to add files to Burner Plus. Preview and Resample tracks before you burn. Save and Restore burn projects. Backup your audio and data files using fewer CDs with SmartSplit. Burn thousands of MP3 or other files to higher-capacity DVD data discs.
My WishList – Hear it on MUSICMATCH Radio and save it for later! Easily keep track of all the music you want.
WatchFolders – Download music from multiple sources? MUSICMATCH makes it easier than ever to organize your MP3 downloads.

Download link: MUSICMATCH Plus Price: only 19.99$