Audio Video Glossary

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ACM – Audio Compression Manager

ASF – Advanced Streaming Format

AVI – Audio Video Interleave

Bitrate – Data Rate

Codec – COder DECoder make up CODEC

Compression – mathematic algorithms to store large amounts of digital data in a fairly small amount of space

CSS – Content Scrambling System

Data Rate – amount of data in a particular space of time

De-Multiplexing – separation of an audio and video stream

DeMux – Short for De-Multiplexing

Descrambling – Descrambling CSS encrypted/scambled files

DivX – based on MPEG-4 video compression standard

DIVX – failed digital video rental system

DVD Conversion – process of converting DVD’s MPEG-2 video and digital audio to another format

DVD Ripping – copying the DVD to your hard-drive without the scrambling effect

Encoding – compressing to a particular compression format

Frame – a series of pictures, each displayed for only a fraction of a second

Framerate – number of frames in a given space of time

IFO / BUP – contain the formatting information of the VOB files

IFO Parsing – reading through the IFO file and extracting the information needed to manipulate the VOB files

MiniDVD – unofficial format for playing back MPEG-2 files

MPEG – Motion Picture Experts Group

Multiplexing – the joining of an audio and video stream

Proprietary Format – conversion from a closed proprietary format to another format

SBC – Smart Bitrate Control

Super VideoCD – Also known as SVCDs or SuperVCDs

VOB – Video OBjects

WMA – Windows Media Audio

WMV – Windows Media Video