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Download Musicmatch Jukebox Plus 8.2

This is the ENHANCED version of MusicMatch Jukebox, the best integrated, digital music-management software that combines a CD ripper, MP3 encoder, playlist maker, ID3 tag editor, and media player. It has all the jukebox basic features PLUS : Fast MP3 recording from CDs vinyl and tapes, Fast CD Burning (24X), Multi-session CD burning, Customize and save equalizer settings, Create and print custom CD labels and liners, Custom visualizations, and many more. New features: MusicMatch Burner Plus, Drag & drop burning, smart split. Version 8.2 offers the first service for the PC that lets you discover, buy and enjoy individual tracks and entire albums! Effortlessly access high-quality, personalized music and purchase tracks while listening to CDs, MP3s, and Musicmatch Radio. Choose from a broad catalog of music from all 5 major labels and more than 30 independents, then easily burn music files to CD and transfer them to popular portable devices.

MUSICMATCH is the Internet’s leading digital audio jukebox. Rip music off your CDs, vinyl, and tapes to download it on CD-quality MP3s, create customized CDs, print and design jewel case covers, organize all your music files in an easy to use library , and listen to over 25 of the best programmed internet radio stations ever. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Price : only $19.99

Download link: MUSICMATCH Plus

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WinMX 3.31 — download –752k
Grokster 1.6 — download –196k
iMesh 4.1 — download –3048k
KaZaA Media Desktop 2.5.1 — download –388k
Kazaa Lite 2.4.3 — download –2733k
Morpheus 3.2 — download –2171k
eDonkey2000 Client 0.49.11 — download –1488k
LimeWire 3.2.3 — download –4596k
Direct Connect 1.0 — download –3191k
BearShare 4.2.7 — download –2077k
AudioGalaxy Satellite 0.609W — download –566k
Napigator 2.08 — download –2473k
Blubster 2.50 — download –831k
Diet Kaza 2.51 — download –807k
AudioVideo Keeper 5.2.1 — download –4832k
Wrapster 2.1 — download –1304k
FreeWire 3.0 — download –249k
Rapigator 3.52 — download –1145k
FileFreedom 4.1 — download –286k