DVD Ripping

What is DVD Ripping and copy

DVD Rippers – Any one of the rippers below will do, although there are other great rippers, these two are the most frequently updated – since they are all freeware, you might as well download all of them and see which floats your boat: DVD Decrypyter and Smart Ripper.

VOB Analysis Tools – the following tool allows you to analyse the contents of a VOB file and extract out the video streams, if more than one is present (may be needed if you intend to rip a section of a DVD): VOBRator and VOBTools.

DVD Players – You may need a player to playback the ripped file afterwards : PowerDVD – can playback individual VOB files, but does not support playback of a completely ripped DVD (ie. ripped IFO/BUP files) using the subst method- can only playback DVD content on a DVD media WinDVD – can playback individual VOB files and also support the playback of a completely ripped DVD from your hard-drive using the subst method (but may have trouble with dual layered titles during the layer transition). Soft-Cinemaster – can’t playback individual VOB files and also support the playback of a completely ripped DVD from your hard-drive using the subst method.
Entire DVD Ripping

Why rip an entire DVD – doing this allows you to playback a DVD movie from your hard-drive that will behave almost exactly the same as the same movie would play on the original DVD. This also helps with DVD conversion, as many new DVD conversion programs need all of the files to convert effectively.

Steps for ripping : Insert the DVD disc that you want to rip in your DVD-ROM drive. While most DVD ripping software can authenticate the DVD, some have trouble. So the best thing to do is to play the DVD with a DVD player prior to using a ripper – this will solve almost all authentication problem which you may encounter. Start your DVD ripping software, and it should start searching your DVD-ROM drive and should display a list of files on the DVD for ripping. For DVD Decrpyter : Make sure you have selected your preferences (eg. Multi Region, No Macro …) from the “Tools” drop down menu, prior to any ripping. Then, click on the “Destination” folder icon to select the target directory for these ripped files. Then just highlight all the files diplayed on the right hand side, and use the transfer button to start ripping. Many of DVD Decrypter’s functions are hidden in context sensitive menus. DVD Decrypter also has an unique ISO ripping mode.

For Smart Ripper : Click on the “Files” button and then choose to select “all” files. Then click on the “target” button down below to select a target directory for these ripped files. Press the “Start” button to start ripping.

Tip : My suggestion is to put these files into a directory called “video_ts” (just like on the actual DVD) – the reasons for doing this will be clearer when you try to play the files (see below). After a while, the ripping should complete and if you selected “multi-region” or “no macro” options, the ripper will go through a long process of implementing these options.

Once you have ripped the entire DVD, you’ll now need to find a way to playback all these ripped files. Below is a method to do this, which basically tricks your DVD player into thinking your files are actually on a real physical DVD.

Methods :

DVD Decrypter ISO method :
DVD Decrypter 3.x has an unique ISO ripping mode, which allows you to playback a ripped DVD in its entirety from your hard-drive. A more detailed explanation is in this guide written by the author of DVD Decrpyter.

PowerDVD 4.0 method :
PowerDVD 4.0 now supports loading of “IFO” files from your hard-drive, meaning you can now playback ripped DVDs in PowerDVD without any additional hacks/software.

Zoom Player method :
Below was a suggestion submitted to to DVD Digest by michel malt on how to playback ripped DVDs using Zoom Player

Here a trick to play a rip DVD onto your Hard Drive with zoom player (the best for tv output and free) v2.3 or higher. Rip your dvd onto C:\VIDEO_TS … it could be another drive but I think that the drive must be a letter before your dvd drive. Now to play your rip dvd movie with zoom player you will need a dvd movie in your dvd drive … and it will not play your dvd movie but the rip dvd.

DVD Subber method :
You can also use DVD Subber to playback ripped DVDs from your hard-drive, as long as a proper Directshow DVD decoder is available (thanks to M. for pointing this out to us). There is also a tool called DVDStarter, which makes this process easier for use with WinDVD).

SUBST method :

Find the first free drive letter, eg. on my system it is h:\

Locate the directory you ripped to, eg. all your files are in c:\temp\matrix\video_ts\

Go to your start menu => run , or MS-DOS prompt, and type in (for example) :

subst h: c:\temp\matrix

note : the directory c:\temp\matrix\ must be typed without the last ‘\’ character

Now check your drive h:\ it should “contain” all of the data/folders found in c:\temp\matrix\

You’ve just made your first “virtual” DVD-disc. This virtual drive does not consume any additional hard disk space.

You can play back this “virtual” DVD using most DVD software and hardware players, including WinDVD, soft-Cinemaster and RealMagic Hollywood+. Unfortunately, this method isn’t compatible with PowerDVD, because PowerDVD tries to detect the media type that the files are stored on. You can download software DVD players from DVD Digest.

To remove this virtual drive after you’ve finished with it, run the following in Start Menu=> run or MS-DOS Prompt (for example) :

subst h: /d

HDD method :
Below was a suggestion submitted to DVD Digest by Stephan on how to playback ripped DVDs using his Hollywood+ card (also work for soft-Cinemaster and WinDVD) :

… I only have two partitions and on the bigger one I can put several movies in different directories. When I want to play a movie I just move a movies catalogue video_ts (and if exists audio_ts) to the root directory, start DVDstation, select D: as the movie drive. The movie starts. When I want to change movie, just put back the video_ts to its original location and move the next movie video_ts catalogue to the root. It is so simple and convenient …

StartDVD method :
Use a program called StartDVD, which works with soft-Cinemaster and does “subst” for you in a nice Windows GUI.
Fixing Audio

VOB files may contain many audio streams. They are numbered from stream 0 (0x80) to 9 (0x89). Your DVD player/conversion tool will only look for the first stream (0x80), but unfortunately, some VOB files don’t have an stream 0, and only have a stream 1 or above (0x81 – 0x89). To fix this problem, we’ll have to “rename” the 0x81 or above stream to 0x80, so that DVD players/conversion tools know how to find the audio. Download install and start VOBRator. Press the “Open and Scan” button and load in your problematic VOB file VOBRator should now list, graphically, the various audio streams of your VOB file (denoted by a Dolby or DTS logo). In most cases (eg. trailers), there will be only 1 audio stream, but if you can’t hear audio, most likely, it will be named “AES (0x81)” (see blue ellipse in diagram below) instead of “AES (0x80)” as it should.